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WHY PlantGenX's Technology WORKS
In essence, we not only capture the demand of the premium cannabis market but also a larger share of the extraction market by cultivating high-quality craft cannabis that produce superior byproducts to meet the specific demands of the cannabis sector.


Our market expertise enables us to emphasize the cultivation of craft buds, resulting in a highly sought after craft bud and the remainder of the plant that is exceptionally well-suited for extractions and byproducts.


This approach contrasts with the common
practices of cultivators who prioritize outdoor and greenhouse cultivation for the sole purpose of the extraction market. Neglecting the cultivation of craft buds may be a contributing factor to the failure of many cultivators in this sector.


• Constitutes 40% of industry sales
• PGX produces approximately 150g/plant

Byproducts of the cannabis plant include:
• Sugar Leaves
• Small buds, not considered craft cannabis
• Popcorn buds
• Fan leaves
Extractions are used to produce items such as: concentrates, vapes, infused edibles, non-edibles, topical's, etc.

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