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BETTER CONTROLS: Having micro-grows allows the master grower to control all aspects of the environment across the canopy, therefore achieving higher yields and THC percentages. Each unit's grow room has its own environmental monitoring system for maintaining optimum temperature, lighting and humidity consistency during the complete growing cycle.


TREMENDOUS CROP YIELDS: By maintaining perfect temperature, humidity and optimum light frequencies for each specific genetic strain, PGX's licensees produce substantially higher yields per plant, and more crops per year, in comparison to standard cultivation - mega growers.


PREMIUM QUALITY: PlantGenX's technology enables the master licensor to create a product of higher quality with both higher demand and higher price points in the marketplace. Our state-of-the-art design and technology captures all the qualities consumers and processors look for, aroma, bag appeal, and THC levels.

HIGHER PRICE PER GRAM: The demand for high-quality, high-THC products that are free of toxins, pesticides, molds, or mildew, translates to higher prices in the marketplace. Premium organic craft cannabis drives the highest industry revenues.

5.5 HARVESTS A YEAR: The optimum crop growth phase is 9 weeks. Each unit produces 5.5 harvests per year. The grow rooms in each Master Licensor facility are planted and harvested at staggered two-week intervals, allowing for efficient workforce scheduling, repetitive harvesting, and meticulous attention to every harvest process.

BUYER NETWORKS: Each unit owner will benefit from having
access to the master's licensor sales channels ensuring your cannabis harvest has a buyer before the first plant is grown. From sales and purchase agreements, to wholesale buyers and distribution logistics, our staff is always working on behalf of the unit owners.

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