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Welcome to the Future of Craft

Cannabis Cultivation

Here at PlantGenX, we have established a cultivation technology that allows our clients to produce top quality cannabis with high yields using only 504 SF of canopy space. Our proprietary growing system and turn-key solution allows anyone entry into the lucrative Craft Cannabis industry.

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Become a PlantGenX Cannabis Cultivation
License owner

  • Autonomous technology for consistent quality and high potency crops

  • Creating precision micro cultivation grow operations in identical side-by-side units

  • Economy of scale and shared resources reduce operational costs for growers

  • Revitalizing local economies in undeserved communities

Micro-Grow Units

  • Complete self-contained micro cultivation units

  • Compliant with all municipal regulations and standards

  • Each Unit is 726 SQFT

  • Canopy Space is 504 SQFT for each unit

  • Advanced security features including secured key card entry systems, perimeter fencing, entry gate, and a central security station

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