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Grow room


There are two main factors that are responsible for sustaining high yielding quality grows. One is the construction process, and the other is our science based cultivation process.

All Inclusive


  • 1 Complete, turn-key cannabis micro grow unit

  • Government regulatory and licensing fees

  • Fully constructed, fully equipped and CCC inspected Unit

  • High-tech growing and operations system

  • Advanced environmental & climate controls to maximize yields and reduce energy consumption

  • Climate management software program

  • Automated Heating, cooling, humidity, irrigation, and CO2 programs

  • Highly trained and experienced master growers on-site 24 hours a day

  • Award-winning genetic clones for initial process commencement



Cultivators can have a great design and the most expensive equipment, but if those systems are not balanced properly, they will have inconsistent grow output or possibly other damaging issues from powdery mildew to mites that can destroy the entire canopy.



Understanding the functionality of the intended design to work with the strict bio-science of the micro-cultivation unit and the facility, is the target. This includes the necessary run testing and balancing of all the equipment. Balancing and run testing must be done for a minimum of two weeks with hourly measurements to ensure all equipment is working as a unified system. This is an important, costly, and time-consuming step that many grow facilities bypass. It is vitally important to establish that your environment for growing within each unit is consistent in all variables, from corner to corner, every minute of the every day.


HIGHLY ENGINEERED GROW ROOMS: Smaller specifically designed cultivation areas are a critical factor in controlling the environment. With autonomous management systems, PGX's technology achieves full control of temperature, humidity, plant nutrients, light frequencies and air quality. These factors are all extremely difficult, if not impossible, to control and maintain in large open grow-rooms, or

DRYING AND CURING: With smaller grow rooms, proper drying and curing time is 10-12 days. This dramatically enhances the smoothness of the cannabis product and allows the natural off gassing of any left-over contaminants. Large scale growers are generally using technology to rapidly cure and seal their product in only five days, reducing the quality and efficacy of the Flower. With Micro Grow rooms and properly timed staggered harvests, you can dry and cure organically and efficiently for consistent top-shelf quality.

ECONOMY OF SCALE AND EFFICIENCY: By staggering the grow-room cycles in a large multi-unit facility, our unit owners now can maximize the use of staffing hours across several units so that they are not faced with exorbitant labor costs. The Master Licensor's team will be highly trained on PlantGenX's methodology  and all rotation tasks from unit to unit, which results in efficiency and reduced labor costs for our organization.


REDUCED PLANT STRESS: Commercial producers
are experiencing sustained plant stress issues that are
difficult to control due to temperature, humidity and other environmental fluctuations that are inherent to wide open, large grow spaces. When plants are stressed, the yield and THC efficacy levels are reduced. Small environmental fluctuations, or minor insect infestations, can create issues such as mold that will circulate through the room, possibly endangering an entire crop.

Building massive greenhouses and grow rooms might be cheaper, good for press releases, and driving up stock prices, however, product quality is compromised. That leaves a major untapped market of high-quality craft cannabis. PGX's licensed cultivation technology is not unique in the industry, in fact, people have been growing this way for decades.


What PlantGenX does, is bridge the gap between unsophisticated cannabis growers and sophisticated entrepreneurs. Our knowledge of regulations, design criteria and the ability to transfer that knowledge into a design/build platform, allows PlantGenX to help a Master Licensor get a facility built economically. This will allow them to start producing more efficiently than traditional standard large producers. We did not invent the wheel, but we made it faster, more efficient, and much more cost effective.

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