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 About PlantGenX

PlantGenX stands at the forefront of innovation in the cannabis industry, deviating from conventional cultivation and business practices to set a new standard of excellence. Recognizing that mastery in cultivation is the bedrock of success in the cannabis sector, PlantGenX has pioneered a unique growth model that marries cutting-edge technology with a groundbreaking business strategy. This model ensures that PlantGenX not only leads in cultivation efficiency and quality but also in market adaptability and profitability.

At the core of PlantGenX’s disruptive approach is its cultivation technology, which is unparalleled in the industry. This technology enables the consistent production of craft cannabis quality and yields, harvest after harvest, a feat previously unattainable in the commercial cannabis space. By leveraging advanced cultivation techniques and proprietary technology, PlantGenX has overcome the common challenges of scale versus quality, ensuring that every batch meets the highest standards of excellence.

PlantGenX’s innovation extends beyond its cultivation methods into its business model itself. The company has introduced a partnership licensing model that is both a first-of-its-kind and one-of-a-kind in the cannabis industry. This model allows for collaboration and growth

in ways previously unexplored, offering partners a chance to benefit from PlantGenX’s expertise and technological advancements without the need for extensive capital investment or operational overhaul. This approach not only fosters growth and scalability but also strengthens the industry by elevating standards across the board.

One of the hallmark features of PlantGenX’s model is its incredible flexibility. In an industry known for rapid changes in consumer trends and regulatory landscapes, PlantGenX’s operations are designed to pivot and adapt seamlessly. This adaptability ensures that PlantGenX can meet all market needs, from consumer preferences to product innovation, maintaining profitability and relevance regardless of external pressures.

As the cannabis market continues to evolve, PlantGenX’s flexible and forward-thinking approach positions it as a perennial leader, ready to meet the future’s challenges head-on and continue its trajectory of growth and innovation.



  • Jeff Johnston established a research facility in Ontario, CA for R & D

  • Under medical licensing from Health Canada, testing was conducted.

  • Micro Grow Units were constructed to scale

  • Various versions of equipment and technology were tested until consistent harvest yields were achieved

  • Developed genetics which consistently tested high in THC and rich in terpenes.

  • Proprietary system enhanced all attributes of the cannabis plants of various strains [Including but not limited to Yield, THC and Terpenes].

  • Created proprietary systems that balanced and monitored environmental control of each Grow Unit [Full control of temperature, Humidity, CO2, Lighting and supplemental lighting, water oxygenation, nutrition programs, root ball management, and sustain an optimal growing environment 24/7].

  • Revolutionized the dry and cure programs in line with the above parameters.


  • Fast Leaf Inc. Founded in Ontario, Canada by three business partners.

  • Jeff Johnston was one of the original founders of Fast Leaf Inc.

  • Created the first cultivation franchise model in Canada.

  • Sold 27 franchises in the Fast Leaf 200,000SF facility (equivalent to135 US units).

  • Won the approval of Health Canada, Canada’s Cannabis regulatory agency.


• Jeff Johnston Developed a Patent [pending technology]

• Filed a provisional Patent


  • After several years as CEO of Fast Leaf Inc, Jeff Johnston divested from Fast Leaf Inc.

  • Jeff Johnston founded PlantGenX in the USA.

  • Improved the model he developed in the Canadian market and adapted it to fit the differentiated regulatory system of the burgeoning US market.

  • Acquisitioned a high-level management team for US expansion.

  • Entered into 3 Master Licensing Agreements [Michigan, Connecticut,

  • Massachusetts].

  • Jeff Johnston Developed a Patent [pending technology].

  • Filed a provisional Patent.


  • PlantGenX Developed a Patent [pending technology]

  • Filed a provisional Patent

  • Initiated Micro Grow Unit Sales

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