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 Meet the PlantGenX Team

Our Core Team

At PlantGenX, we have assembled a team of experts who are passionate about entrepreneurship and its potential to change lives. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and experience to the table.  We collaborate to create the best opportunities and products for our investors and clients.


Shivani Dallas

Chief Executive Officer

Shivani possesses a dynamic set of leadership skills, establishing herself as a cornerstone in various industries. Her reputation as a leading figure in strategic development spans across multiple sectors, notably making lasting impacts in real estate, mortgages, and presently, the burgeoning cannabis industry. With her entrepreneurial acumen and extensive expertise, she has demonstrated her influential capacity in steering esteemed organizations. Her adept management of multi-million-dollar budgets has driven the inception of innovative sales channels, revenue streams, and successful product launches in fiercely competitive markets. ​ With an illustrious career steeped in astute business acumen, Shivani specializes in cultivating robust business alliances, forging new partnerships, dissecting competitive market landscapes, and clinching lucrative deals. ​ Now, her sights are set on a groundbreaking venture: the introduction of a franchise-like model for cannabis cultivation in the United States. Her vision and passion drive her to innovate and revolutionize the industry, envisioning a future where PlantGenX transforms the landscape of cannabis cultivation across the nation. Shivani's journey epitomizes resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, marking her as a formidable force at the helm of pioneering change in the flourishing cannabis sector.

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Jeff Johnston

Executive Director of Operations

Jeff Johnston, a seasoned executive with 20 years in franchising, boasts a rich background in sales, marketing, strategic development, and operational management. His tenure spans renowned national and international food-based franchises like Pizza Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s Pizza, Yogen Fruz, Pinkberry, and Swensen’s. ​ His prowess lies in global sales and franchise development, establishing teams that secure contracts domestically and abroad. Jeff has brokered numerous area development and master franchise agreements, excelling in structuring multi-tiered models for challenging markets. ​ In senior marketing roles, he's directed multimillion-dollar budgets, introduced new products, and navigated competitive landscapes. Since late 2017, Jeff focused on cannabis research, founding Fast Leaf, the world's premier cannabis cultivation franchise in December 2018. He spearheaded a strategic facility acquisition in 2020, swiftly selling it to franchisees. In September 2023, he divested to pursue opportunities in the burgeoning U.S. cannabis market. ​ Jeff holds an MBA in Finance, highlighting his comprehensive expertise and strategic vision across industries.

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Jack Weinstein

Chief Financial Officer

Jack Weinstein has been working in accounting and finance for the past 15 years. His experience includes serving as interim CFO for a private equity group with $3.5B in assets under management, serving as CFO of a cannabis start-up as it grew into a $100 million business, working through dozens of transactions with a prominent investment bank in California. Jack has completed more than $10 billion in deals, managing corporate development for a prominent billionaire-backed family office, and serving as a key part of the internal corporate strategy team at a Fortune 500. He holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson.

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Ryan Loeding

Director of Business Development

Ryan Loeding has established himself as a prominent business leader in the real estate and cannabis industries. Ryan is a successful real estate team owner and an investor, demonstrating a keen eye for the intricate details and meticulous analysis of financial data. He has taken his expertise in real estate to new heights, with ownership in title and lending companies. Additionally, his involvement as a former cannabis company board member demonstrates his deep understanding of the cannabis industry. In addition to his impressive real estate background, Ryan co-founded a business and lifestyle coaching company, helping individuals achieve their professional and personal best. He also co-founded a real estate investment company that has achieved significant growth and success under his leadership. With his vast and diverse experience, Loeding will guide Plant GenX to unprecedented heights. His expertise in real estate will be invaluable to the development and expansion of the company across the nation, and his ability to guide teams and make strategic decisions is a significant asset. Ryan's dedication, sharp business sense, and entrepreneurial spirit will continue to shape Plant GenX's future for the best.

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Todd Milan

Director of Sales

Todd Milan, our Director of Sales, launched into entrepreneurship at 16, evolving a small venture into a thriving business. Beyond honing sales skills, these early endeavors empowered both Todd and his inner circle through job opportunities, igniting his lifelong fusion of business prowess and service-driven passion. ​ Entering Silicon Valley's high-tech realm in the early '90s, Todd's work ethic and problem-solving acumen propelled swift ascension. Thriving in demanding consultative sales roles, he garnered acclaim for top sales volume and consistently securing peak revenue margins. ​ Driven by a desire for new challenges and to serve his community, around 2004, Todd pivoted from a lucrative career to becoming a Firefighter Paramedic. He was recognized by his peers, and those he served for his commitment and his compassion. Backed by a BA in emergency management, expertise extends to training laypeople, first responders, and providing emergency services consulting to Fortune 500 clients. ​ In 2020, Todd immersed himself in the cannabis industry, accumulating years of experience while staying dedicated to collaboration and service. His essence transcends sales and entrepreneurship, defined by a deep passion for aligning talent to drive company growth and create positive impacts. A seasoned educator and leader, Todd thrives on collaborative success through service-oriented leadership.


Adalai Gibson

Social Marketing Manager

Adalai Gibson is a highly sought-after professional in the field of social media management, with a passion for content creation, brand building, and community engagement fueling her success. With a wealth of knowledge and a results-driven approach, Adalai specializes in creating and implementing tailored social media campaigns that drive engagement, increase followers, and help her clients achieve their goals. Adalai's exceptional customer service skills give her a unique perspective in the industry, which she uses to create meaningful, impactful campaigns for her clients. As a proven expert in social media management, she has played a key role in the growth and expansion of numerous brands across a variety of niches, including real estate, influencers, and cannabis. Throughout her career, Adalai has consistently driven unprecedented growth and engagement for these businesses. Her success can be attributed to her ability to stay ahead of the ever-changing social media landscape and her meticulous attention to detail. Adalai takes pride in her work, and her passion for what she does is evident in the exceptional results she delivers.



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