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Emma & Clyde By Whoopfam

The Hub Craft Announces Licensing Agreement with Whoopi Goldberg

We proudly announces the launch of Emma & Clyde by WHOOPFAM in Massachusetts

Fitchburg, Massachusetts--(Newsfile Corp. - May 19, 2021) - The Hub Craft, LLC, a Massachusetts cannabis company announced today that Whoopi Goldberg's elevated and socially conscious cannabis product line will be exclusively licensed through The Hub Craft and distributed throughout the state of Massachusetts. Emma & Clyde, Whoopi's lifestyle management brand, is named after her late mother and brother.

"I am thrilled to be working with the Hub Craft and see the great response from the MA dispensaries about this collaboration with The Hub Craft," says Goldberg. "Whoopi Goldberg's newest foray into the cannabis space after the groundbreaking Whoopi & Maya, has her paired with The Hub Craft to bring WHOOPFAM to the forefront, along with their signature brand Emma & Clyde. This top tier brand will include edibles, vapes, pre-rolls, flower, accessories as well as Award-Winning strains and recipes," states Shivani Dallas, Chief Strategy Officer / The Hub Craft. "Our organization is honored to announce Ms Goldberg as the first of many celebrities in collaboration with The Hub Craft."

"It's great to see the support and societal acceptance of cannabis as we move this industry into a regulated and safe market. It's an honor to have someone with the caliber of Ms Whoopi Goldberg supporting this business here in Holyoke," Aaron Vega, Director of the Office of Economic Development & Planning, City of Holyoke.


"Whoopi Goldberg was one of the first celebrities to highlight the benefits of cannabis and advocate for legalization, despite years of social stigma. As one of the most accomplished celebrities, we are so proud to be working with such an inspiring and amazing person!

TRUTH by Paul Pierce

The Hub Craft and Paul Pierce collaborate to develop Cannabis products for statewide distribution in Massachusetts

"I am excited to be part of The Hub Craft and the TRUTH brand coming to Massachusetts. We have a variety of products lined up for the future and this is an exciting time in our lives to be in this industry. Get ready Massachusetts, because TRUTH is coming to several dispensaries within your state," says Pierce, who is also an investment partner in Hub Craft's Holyoke dispensary. "Paul's personal battle with anxiety motivated him to create this premium brand," states Shivani Dallas, Chief Strategy Officer / The Hub Craft. "He was determined to avoid prescription drugs and knew that there was a better alternative to battle the sleep deprivation and anxiety he was personally facing! Paul has spent years perfecting his strain in his southern California Cultivation facility. Our organization is very enthusiastic to be working with Paul because he is hands-on when it comes to product development."

"Seeing this industry take root in Holyoke is exciting. I am encouraged to see the use of these properties that have been neglected for far too long," Mayor Murphy said in regards to the Cannabis Industry in Holyoke. He added, "As a lifelong sports fan and youth basketball coach, it's encouraging to hear Paul Pierce will be involved as a partner of this business in Holyoke and to have him open up about his own struggles with anxiety."

"A champion and Hall of Famer on and off the court"! We are honored that Paul has chosen to join forces with The Hub Craft organization. We are extremely excited to play a role in bringing him back to the state that made him one of their own. This is a new beginning that starts off with being inducted into the Hall of Fame in September of 2021, then producing the highest quality products and developing some of the best genetics in the market!

FREEWAY by rick Ross

The Hub Craft and Freeway Rick Ross join forces to bring Freeway branded Cannabis products to Massachusetts.

"Freeway Rick Ross has established himself as a major player in the California Cannabis market with his brands Freeway and LA Kingpins. We're excited to work with the Freeway team to continue that success here in the East coast," says Howard Tanyu, CEO of The Hub Craft. He continues, "Freeway Rick Ross' authenticity and resiliency are what initially attracted our company to him. What really stood out for us was his commitment to spreading the truth about what he experienced while living a life of crime as a cautionary tale to the communities that are heavily impacted by the racist War on Drugs! Rick is passionate about organizing expungement clinics and providing legal proficiency workshops in adversely impacted communities. His passion is in alignment with our initiatives here in Massachusetts and we look forward to continuing that work alongside him."

"What I try to do is produce the best product possible. I want to bring all my experience to Massachusetts. It's very important to me that we do great business here by putting our consumers first. Their needs are always number one," states Rick Ross. "Rick's journey is one of incredible tenacity," says Shivani Dallas / Chief Strategy officer of The Hub Craft. "There's an incredible humbleness about Rick when he speaks about his community and his personal desires of strengthening that community. He works diligently to be a role model in areas that lack leadership. He is fixated on developing organically cultivated strains. For Rick, it's all about bringing a clean organic product of the highest quality at very competitive prices so that all can afford top shelf."

"Payton's Place" By "The Glove"
Gary Payton

"We're excited to partner with Gary Payton to bring his products to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Gary's commitment to community organizing and mentoring the next generation of athletes fits perfectly with The Hub Craft's ethos of purpose-driven, big-picture thinking." states Noni Goldman, COO / The Hub Craft. "Gary's established reputation as a first-mover Canna-athlete aligns with The Hub Craft's mission to end the stigma associated with Cannabis use. With Gary Payton and our other celebrity athlete partners, The Hub Craft looks forward to genuinely connecting with the fantastic sports community of Massachusetts by cultivating our award-winning genetics and producing quality products that warmly welcome the curious first-time user as well as the experienced connoisseur."

"Massachusetts, I am so thrilled to bring my custom strains, vapes and edibles to you. Payton's Place is a top-shelf product and I am excited to be working with The Hub Craft to get this cannabis line to retail throughout your state. My personal journey with my mother and her health catapulted my interest in the cannabis space. I have seen first hand how many people have been comforted by using marijuana. I had the opportunity to play in Boston and that's what makes this so special. Look out Massachusetts - Payton's Place is headed your way." says Payton. "Gary is a powerhouse in all that he does. Our organization was highly motivated to collaborate with him. He has established his strains and has a proven track record. Not only is he well known in the sports arena, he is also very well known in the West Coast cannabis arena." states Shivani Dallas, Chief Strategy Officer / The Hub Craft.

"Hall of famer, 2x Olympic gold medalist, NBA champion, defensive player of the year! Confident, inspiring and passionate are just a few of the accolades and characteristics of what Gary brings. An icon with proven success in the Cannabis industry, The Hub Craft family is proud and honored to bring 'The Glove' back to Massachusetts", says Howard Tanyu, Founder and CEO of The Hub Craft, LLC.

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