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Operation Services

PlantGenX is redefining the concept of a TURN-KEY business. The overwhelming day-to-day responsibilities that burden traditional business owners are now a thing of the past. In our refined model, unit owners can take a hands-off approach while a dedicated management team handles every facet of their unit. These teams will oversee engineering, staffing, construction, training, marketing, and sales, drawing upon their deep expertise in proven and best business practices.

PlantGenX' technologies will control the: crop genetics, environmental systems, production methods and business operations, and genetics (like most successful organizations i.e., McDonalds, Tim Hortons) to ensure quality, consistency, and large crop yields. Master growers using PGX's methodology  maintain the potency, quality, and efficacy of legacy, award winning, genetic strains. Using our systems to manage the full operation from seed to sale, allows licensees to minimize risk for investor/owners.

Unit set-up

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