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Micro Grow Units Available Now!

Becoming a Craft Cannabis Cultivation Business Owner
has Never Been Easier


TURN-KEY: We offer self-contained micro cultivation units to unit owners. These units are fully constructed and are in full compliance with all municipal regulations and standards. Each micro-unit spans 726 square feet, with 504 square feet dedicated to canopy space.

TECHNOLOGY: The PlantGenX [PGX] team has pioneered an innovative methodology to allow licensors to consistently cultivate premium craft cannabis. Through our proprietary cultivation technology, they will achieve industry-leading yields and THC percentages, making it accessible for anyone to enter the thriving craft cannabis market.

 Why PlantGenX?


At the heart of PlantGenX we share an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Through meticulous cultivation and curation, we enable our clients to deliver the finest cannabis products to market. Leveraging advanced technology, respect for tradition, and a shared passion for fine cannabis allows us to bring growers and investors together to build value for our consumers and the market

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